Top 10 Saddest Songs in Country Music

Forgive the title, these aren’t really the saddest songs in country music, just ten sad country songs that I hope you’ll like and that will put you in the mood for my new single “Cold Coffee”

  1. No One To Call – Caitlin Rose (The Stand-In, 2013)

A rocking song, but a sad one. Caitlin turns to the radio for company, only to feel more lonesome in the endless night of bad music and radio static.


  1. Sad Songs and Waltzes – Willie Nelson (Shot Gun Willie, 1973)

Willie would like to publicly shame his girlfriend by describing her wicked ways in a hit song. But sad songs and waltzes aren’t selling this year.


  1. Rowboat – Beck (Stereopathetic Soulmanure, 1994)

‘Dog food on the floor and I’ve felt like this before’. Beck is feeling all out at sea and calls for a rowboat to bring him ashore. Johnny Cash covered this song.


  1. Honky Tonk Merry Go Round – Patsy Cline (Songs by Patsy Cline, 1957)

A sad song disguised as a happy one. Patsy wants to get off the honky tonk merry go round, but doesn’t know how: ‘Round and round and round I go, riding high and feeling low.’


  1. A Good Year for the Roses – George Jones (George Jones with Love, 1971)

Everything is going to pot, but it’s a good year for the roses.


  1. Strange Goodbye – Frank and Jean Black (Honeycomb, 2005)

Frank and Jean Black sing a duet about their divorce.


  1. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry – Hank Williams (1949)

‘The saddest song I’ve ever heard’, said Elvis Presley.


  1. It’ll Aggravate Your Soul – A.P. Carter (1934)

A.P. Carter describes his life as a catalogue of nuisances and embarrassments that crush his spirit.


  1. Where We’ll Never Grow Old – Alfred G. Karnes (1927)

A joyful song if you believe you’re going to heaven, but a sad one if you do not. Recorded at the infamous ‘Bristol Sessions’ of 1927 – aka the ‘big bang of country music’ – in which ordinary folk were invited to record their homespun music in Bristol, Tennessee.


  1. Tammy Wynette – No charge (George & Tammy & Tina, 1975)

A gruesomely mawkish spoken-word melodrama, until she sings, then POW!


And now that tears are rolling from your eyes it’s time for the latest single from Jack Rundell!

Jack Rundell – Cold Coffee