I have a new EP available to download on Bandcamp! Five songs! All home recorded under lockdown!

All proceeds from downloads will be donated to my favourite Ipswich music venue, The Smokehouse, who are crowdfunding to keep going through COVID-19. The Smokehouse is an amazing venue, rehearsal space and recording studio that’s putting Ipswich on the map – we can’t let it go! It’s where ‘Jack Rundell and the Haunted New Builds’ rehearse and the place we’ve performed most during the last few years. It’s also where we recorded our last EP ‘No atmosphere (at my party)’. This video might give you an idea of what the place means to me:

Putting on gigs like those in the video is just a fraction of what The Smokehouse does. You can find out more about their invaluable contribution to the local community at their Crowdfunder page here:

Thanks for reading. Hope you like the new songs!